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Who We Are? 

We are a highly skilled team focused on generating revenue and committed to delivering consistent, measurable results.

Boost your revenue growth by using advanced technology to refine revenue operations with customized solutions that seamlessly integrate with various technologies.

Providing reliable, measurable outcomes for strategic planning and turning online interactions into exponential revenue growth.

Enhance connections and conversion rates using our tailored marketing techniques. Harness the power of effective custom strategies that align with your customer's journey.

What Are We Solving?

We optimize marketing to reduce waste, enhance investments for better results, and ensure swift, agile actions. Our use of efficient automation and refined tech stacks saves costs across all business operations.

Transition focus from activities to outcomes for precise marketing effectiveness.

Bridge sales, marketing, product and tech teams to accelerate responsiveness and campaign adjustments.

Integrate automation to relieve marketing teams and manage rising lead acquisition costs efficiently.

Simplify complex tech stacks and modernize legacy systems to enhance marketing agility and adaptability.

what we're solving
why basemonkeys?

Why BaseMonkeys?

We deliver personalized Revenue Intelligence for smarter financial foresight. Our approach dismantles complexities, fostering swift and strategic decision-making. Experience seamless integration and actionable insights for peak performance with BaseMonkeys.

Our team excels in versatility, effortlessly adapting to diverse platforms with robust API support.

Rely on our in-house full stack expertise for comprehensive, integrated solutions.

Depend on our clear, actionable reporting for enhanced revenue forecasting accuracy.

Place your trust in our strategic planning for guaranteed measurable and scalable revenue growth.

Leadership Team

At BaseMonkeys, we're a team of innovators dedicated to transforming the digital realm with ROI-driven solutions. Our passion lies in creating cutting-edge, user-friendly technology that not only empowers but also delivers measurable value. Focused on personalized and accessible digital experiences, we strive to ensure our clients see a tangible return on investment. BaseMonkeys: pioneering digital excellence for a connected and profitable future.

Chief Executive Officer
Zoya Ginzburg
Chief Operating Officer
Dimitry Slabyak
Chief Technology Officer
Max Slabyak
Chief Strategy Officer
Ryan Osberger
We are revenue-generating monkeys. We deliver personalized Revenue Intelligence for smarter financial foresight.
We are revenue-generating monkeys. We deliver personalized Revenue Intelligence for smarter financial foresight.
Our Focus //

Client Success Focused

Converting cost centers into revenue generators
Revenue Maximization

At BaseMonkeys, we're committed to your financial success, focusing on maximizing revenue through tailored strategies that reflect our belief in shared success.

Idea to Implementation
Leveraging deep market analysis and audience insights, our team excels in transforming innovative ideas into strategic plans, backed by a metrics-driven approach to ensure impactful outcomes.
Innovation Support
Whether you're building something new or aiming to redefine your space, we offer expert guidance and support at every stage, from ideation to monetization.
Metrics & Innovation
With a comprehensive suite of services and a focus on measurable metrics, we're dedicated to supporting your project's success and fostering innovation.