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Comprehensive Cyber Security Matrix

The BaseMonkeys Cyber Security Matrix offers a detailed comparison of our extensive security services, categorized into three core pillars: Security Operations, Automation and Continuous Security, and Ransomware Protection and Extortionware Protection. This matrix highlights the full spectrum of our offerings, ensuring that organizations can identify and implement the most effective security solutions tailored to their unique needs. Each service is designed to enhance protection, streamline operations, and support the secure creation of protected value across all environments.

Meet Duane Smith //
Duane Smith
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  • As the CISO at Basemonkeys, Duane brings 20+ years of experience in designing and implementing effective security strategies for global enterprises. Duane works with business leaders to help them see security differently and raise the bar on advice and practice using critical thinking, integrity and over 2 decades of experience. Duane has successfully driven strategy for large scale global teams in highly complex business environments and is a trusted business partner with proven expertise in supporting sustained growth by minimizing security risk to revenue generation and protected profitability. Duane ran the Security Operations Center for the Department of Homeland Security supporting systems critical to national security and was the lead for several high profile investigations including Benghazi.

Cyber Security Excellence //
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Comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions Tailored for Your Business

We deliver an advanced and comprehensive cyber security suite tailored specifically for organizations like yours, ensuring robust protection and operational continuity. Our Incident & Breach Response Services rapidly counteract cyber threats, minimizing disruptions and safeguarding your business operations. We conduct thorough Cyber Security Assessments to uncover and fortify vulnerabilities, significantly enhancing your defenses. Our expert team also offers customized Policies and Procedure Consulting to ensure your practices meet stringent industry standards and comply with regulatory mandates. With specialized Platform Configuration and stringent Data Security protocols, we diligently protect your digital assets and sensitive information. Our services extend to Governance and Regulatory Compliance, providing a critical shield against both legal and cyber threats, thus securing your operations comprehensively.

Incident & Breach Response Services

Swift, expert response to cyber incidents, minimizing downtime and securing your assets.

Cyber Security Assessment

In-depth evaluations to identify vulnerabilities and fortify your security posture.

Policies and Procedure Consulting

Tailored policies and procedures to safeguard operations and ensure compliance.

Platform Configuration

Custom security configurations that enhance protection without sacrificing functionality.

Data Security and Data Protection

Cutting-edge strategies to safeguard your most critical asset—your data.

Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring your operations adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Our Operating Principles //



Foundational Guidelines for Robust Cyber Security Operations

  • Zero Negotiation: No negotiation with attackers; focus on robust prevention and mitigation.
  • Zero Tolerance: Immediate identification and automated response to non-compliance.
  • Continuous Security: Always-on monitoring and assessment to maintain a strong security posture.
  • Location Indifference: Security principles apply universally across cloud, data centers, offices, and homes.
  • Automation Wins: Prioritize automation in all aspects of security operations to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Good Security = Good Operations: Strong security practices lead to better overall operational efficiency and cost savings.
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Our Process //
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Why Choose BaseMonkeys for Your Cyber Security Needs

In today's interconnected world, robust cyber security is fundamental, not just for protection but for driving business success. BaseMonkeys excels in mitigating threats, reducing risks, and empowering businesses to excel amidst digital challenges. Our comprehensive approach tackles everything from ransomware to insider threats and cyber risk management. Leveraging our deep expertise, we transform complexity into clarity, accelerate innovation, and enhance your digital transformation journey. With BaseMonkeys, your business operates with unmatched resilience, grows with confidence, and achieves sustained success.

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