Strategy & Planning

The first step in our approach is understanding the client goals and determining how they can be met by disrupting the competitive landscape. This involves cross-disciplinary teams that combine research, data, experience, and intuition to develop innovative strategies and a clear roadmap to success.

Web & Mobile App Development

Our best-in-class teams focus on creating the most useful and effective sites and applications in the world. Our capabilities range from data-driven websites and applications , eCommerce solutions, to branding and marketing experiences, all with a deep focus on functionality and conversions.

Brands & Campaigns

We create, execute and manage campaigns & marketing programs centered around big-ideas. Our strategies are designed to create reactions, excitement, connections born in “digital” and often extend into other channels and verticals.


Digital Advertising

We create and execute result-driven digital advertising campaigns that leave a long lasting impression on the target audience. We offer comprehensive knowledge and an unparalleled understanding on effective digital ad campaigns.

basemonkeys (noun)

base /bās/: have as the foundation; use as a point from which (something) can develop.

monkey /ˈməNGkē/: a small to medium size

basemonkeys specialize in developing the digital foundation for small and medium-sized Companies