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Max Slabyak

Award winning IT leader, with diverse industry exposure, with an emphasis on Sitecore, web, CMS, e-commerce, object-oriented programming, database development, .NET development, Cloud architecture development including Azure and AWS, and process development. Hands-on experience with all stages of the software lifecycle process. Proven leadership abilities administering MIS operations and leading teams to success.

    Disadvantages of Open-Source CMS Platforms

    When it comes to managing a website, the task can be both challenging and time-consuming. With the constant evolution of technology, staying on top...

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    8 Ecommerce Workflow Automation Ideas to Drive Growth and Efficiency

    As a developer and technical strategist, I recognize the immense growth potential in the ecommerce industry. The global e-commerce market is rapidly...

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    Revolutionizing Web Experiences with SPA Architecture

    Today, I'm thrilled to share with you an exciting innovation that's revolutionizing the world of web development: Single Page Application (SPA)...

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    Creating a High-Impact MarTech Stack: A Guide for Modern Marketers

    As marketers, we all know the importance of technology in today's digital age. With the constant influx of data and the ever-evolving customer...

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    Streamlining Your Martech Stack: Strategies for Success

    Welcome to the world of Martech! Where having the right tools can make all the difference in achieving your marketing goals. But wait, what happens...

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    Optimize Your TechStack Growth with Composable Architecture

    Composable architecture can be used in martech to maximize revenue growth through content amplification by breaking down the marketing process into...

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    Spice up Your Marketing with Martech: Old Spice's Success Story

    Marketing technology, or Martech, refers to the utilization of technology in the field of marketing. This includes a vast array of tools and...

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    The rise of chatbots in marketing and customer service

    In recent years, chatbots have become increasingly popular in the world of marketing and customer service. These automated programs use...

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    How AI and Personalization are Changing the Game

    The future of martech (marketing technology) is bright, and businesses that are able to keep up with the latest trends and technologies stand to reap...

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    Why Headless CMS is the Future of Martech

    In the world of martech (marketing technology), the headless content management system (CMS) is increasingly being seen as the future of marketing....

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    A Comprehensive Guide to Boosting Your SEO Through Link Building

    Link building is a vital aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) that helps to increase the authority and credibility of a website. By acquiring...

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