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Accelerating Time to Value Tenfold Through AWS Cloud Transformation

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

  • Modernization Shift: Reducing reliance on antiquated internal data centers.
  • Cost Efficiency Improvement: Lowering expenses tied to outdated infrastructure.
  • Streamlining Delivery Processes: Enhancing speed and efficiency in operational workflows.
  • Quality-Assured Transformation: Achieving swift updates while maintaining high standards.

Innovative Solutions:

  • Cloud Migration to AWS: Transitioned from the internal data center to the robust AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • API Refactoring: Rewrote APIs to be cloud-native, enabling seamless integration and efficient operation within the AWS ecosystem.
  • Serverless Architecture: Embraced serverless solutions, which meant lower operational costs and auto-scaling as per demand.
  • API-Driven Design: Ensured that all processes and functions were driven by efficient APIs, boosting overall system responsiveness.
  • Static Cachable Resources: Converted dynamic resources into static cachable ones, allowing for rapid and efficient content delivery.
  • Depreciation of Legacy Systems: Deprecated outdated infrastructure and code, replacing them with lightweight, modern components.
  • Focus on Maintainability and Scalability: Introduced code and infrastructure designs that are easy to maintain and scale as per demand.
  • Efficiency Metrics: Benchmarked our operational efficiency against Full-Time Employees (FTEs). Our project velocity was found to be 10x that of traditional FTEs.
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Transformative Results

  • Achieved a whopping 60% cost saving, validating our value proposition.
  • Streamlined operations that are not only faster but also more reliable.
  • Successfully accelerated the transformation timeline, moving the project completion date from July to January – a significant positive shift of six months.
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