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Transforming Healthcare: Seamless Cloud Migration for Scalable Digital Future

Accelerating Your Revenue Journey

  • Ensuring Operational Continuity: Migrating multiple websites without a hiccup in healthcare service and operational flow.
  • Codebase Refactoring: Adapting and revamping the existing codebase for optimal performance in a cloud environment.
  • Streamlined Migration Pathway: Nurturing a coherent, error-free migration process across all digital assets.
  • Internal Team Empowerment: Building capacity within the healthcare provider's internal teams to steer future migrations autonomously.


Project Overview

A prominent healthcare provider with 10 websites hosted on their internal data center was looking to leverage the benefits of cloud infrastructure. They sought BaseMonkeys' expertise for a seamless and efficient migration to the AWS cloud.

  • Refined Codebase: The technical team at BaseMonkeys elegantly refactored the existing codebase, ensuring it was not merely cloud-compatible but meticulously optimized for peak cloud performance.
  • Seamless CI/CD Pipeline: The crafting of a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline streamlined automatic testing and deployment, cutting down deployment time and minimizing error margins.
  • Migration Factory Paradigm: BaseMonkeys architected a robust 'migration factory,' ensuring not just a smooth transition for the 10 websites but also crafting a reusable framework for the healthcare provider's internal teams for ensuing migrations and digital expansions.
  • AWS Cloud Migration Mastery: Through meticulous planning and execution, 10 websites were judiciously transitioned from the internal data center to the AWS cloud, unlocking a new realm of performance, reliability, and security, underpinned by AWS’s formidable infrastructure.
  • Precision-Driven Execution: The project from discovery through to migration was conquered within a swift 8 weeks, surpassing the stipulated 10-week timeline, which is a true testament to BaseMonkeys' commitment to efficiency and effectiveness.
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Transformative Results

  • Successfully migrated all 10 websites, maintaining a seamless operational.
  • Unlocked a new level of performance, scalability, and uptime, post-migration.
  • Equipped internal FTE resources with a replicable, scalable migration procedure, fostering an environment of independence and agility for upcoming projects.
  • Established a benchmark in project management, concluding a complex assignment well within the projected timeframe.
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