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Getting the most out of website automation

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In marketing, automation is used to schedule emails, send out social media posts and tweets, etc. Automation can be used for email marketing to help you send personalized messages to your customers without having to manually type out each message individually. The emails will be sent out at specific times depending on what your brand needs.

HubSpot is one example of an automation tool that can be used for email marketing. HubSpot helps you scale personalized marketing and sales outreach, and delight your customers with timely feedback surveys, support ticket resolution, and more.

Check out these 4 examples of automation you can implement to increase productivity:

  • Send welcome emails when someone signs up for an account on your website
  • Send drip campaigns based on specific actions users take (like visiting specific pages) or at regular intervals (like every two weeks)
  • Automatically send follow-up emails based on whether or not someone opens/clicks links in past messages you've sent them
  • Send email reminders about purchase anniversaries or overdue payments

To get the most out of marketing automation, businesses should weave automation throughout their business to break down silos and unite teams with processes that save time. Combined with the human touch, marketing automation can create a flywheel that keeps your business growing.

Start by focusing on the customer journey, rather than on the needs of your business. Identify potential touchpoints that could benefit from marketing automation and build processes that ease the customer from touchpoint to touchpoint.

If you're interested in website automation, it might be a good idea to start small. A good place to start is with email follow-up campaigns—posting links to blog articles or specific content that you want more customers to experience. However, as you become more experienced and are able to keep track of your processes more easily, you could expand into more complex processes—such as automatically posting related products when a customer purchases product X. And the great thing is that once you've created such an automated process, it's not just the current process that gets automated; all of the future processes along the customer journey also get automated at that point.

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