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The Lazy Person's Guide To Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation is pretty hot right now. This topic is definitely on the rise and companies are spending increasing amounts of money to get their hands on marketing automation technology.

So what exactly is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to the use of technology to intelligently segment, convert, and nurture leads before handing them off to teams dedicated to closing deals. It's an automated framework used to contact, nurture, and understand prospects. Marketers have always spoken about taking your customers from point A to point B — well marketing automation guarantees you will get there!

Marketing automation tools help you gather customer information at every touchpoint of their journey. From there, marketing automation uses that information to improve conversion rates, deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time, and develop a continuous stream of high-quality leads.

Marketing automation can be used in many different ways, including:

Lead management: Marketing automation tools can help businesses automatically manage their leads. An automated system can track a lead's journey through a company's sales funnel, from initial inquiry to purchase or engagement. The software will automatically send out emails at each stage in the process and follow up if there is no response from the customer.

Email marketing: Email marketing has been around for years, but it wasn't until recently that marketers could use automation to send targeted, personalized messages to customers and prospects on any platform — desktop, mobile, or tablet — at any time of day or night. With marketing automation software, marketers can create sequences of emails that are sent out over time to nurture leads into sales-ready customers.

Marketing automation is changing the way businesses interact with their customers and prospects by automating their online marketing processes. It allows companies to create automated customer journeys so they can achieve specific business results such as:

  • Create sales opportunities from leads generated through advertising or social media
  • Nurture leads through email campaigns until they are ready to buy
  • Automatically follow up with leads who have not responded after a certain period of time

Marketing automation allows you to create personalized interactions with your customers that increase engagement and drive sales. It uses advanced algorithms to identify your best leads and connect with them at the right time.

Marketing automation is a powerful tool for increasing ROI but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. You need to find the right software for your business size and goals before you implement it.

The benefits of marketing automation include:

  • Increased ROI – Automating repetitive tasks allows you to save time so you can focus on high-value activities like analyzing data and making strategic decisions that will improve your bottom line.
  • Improved customer experience – Marketing automation allows you to segment customers into groups based on their preferences so you can tailor your messaging to their needs. This creates a better experience for everyone involved because it reduces the number of irrelevant emails or texts they receive from you.
  • Consistency – Marketing automation programs make sure all of your communications are consistent so there aren't any embarrassing typos or grammatical errors in your emails or texts

Market automation is a new technology that is able to integrate many marketing "functions" into one, making your job much easier. Marketing automation allows companies to manage the entire sales and marketing process for a business. It can also be used to dramatically scale companies that were previously unable to grow because of limited manpower and resources.

If you are not yet sure of what to do, try reaching out to us. We would be more than happy to talk about your project and work with you to make it a success.

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